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#kindheartedcleaning (#dobreporzadki)

a decision, a simple gesture and help is on the way. This is how #kindheartedcleaning works in practice. There is a yearning to do good deeply rooted in many of us. Sometimes it is enough to create favourable conditions to release this potential. That's what the #kindheartedcleaning a campaign is for. We want to show how easy and often cost-free (!) can supporting others be, how much good can be done thanks to the Sue Ryder charity shops. Whether you make donations or buy from us – you’re always helping!


Anyone can help!

Maybe you have something you don't use anymore, still entirely good to donate to the Foundation?

beginnings of

the Foundation's activities in Poland

year of establishing

the first charity shop in Poland

% of profits

transferred for statutory purposes of the Foundation

charity shops

(in Warsaw and Szczecin)

Fundacja w liczbach

Lots of things are needed, but not everything

Clothes, shoes, books, CDs, DVDs, vinyls, toys, jewelry, small household appliances, ornaments, furniture – all of these things are very welcome in our shops, for both adults and children. And this is only a small section of a long list...

dobre sklepy

Our idea

People, work tools, communication channels are changing, but the idea of Sue Ryder Foundation charity shops is constant. And it is still brilliant in its simplicity. It is hard to imagine a simpler and more pleasant way of helping. On the one hand, you can donate unused things. On the other, you can buy something at a very attractive price. The money from the sale is transferred to support those in need, and it is also great for the environment, because things stay in circulation longer (they don't end up in the garbage and there is no need to produce so many new things). Really brilliant.

Sue Ryder Foundation

Activities in Poland date back to 1956 – it was then that Sue Ryder started her mission in our country lasting over 60 years, first building nursing homes. In the beginning, Sue Ryder was supported by volunteers, including concentration camp prisoners, war veterans and their families. The Foundation has been registered in Poland since 1991, and since 2004 it has had the status of a public benefit organisation.


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