A simple recipe for goodness

#kindheartedcleaning (#dobreporzadki)

A decision, a simple gesture and help begins to flow. This is how #kindheartedcleaning works in practice. There is a yearning to do good deeply rooted in many of us. Sometimes it is enough to create favourable conditions to release this potential. That's what the #kindheartedcleaning campaign is for. We want to show how easy and often cost-free (!) supporting others can be, how much good can be done thanks to the Sue Ryder charity shops. Whether you make donations or buy from us – you always help!

How to do #kindheartedcleaning?

The mechanism is very simple and the first step is to go through your closets and shelves. There is a good chance that you will find things that have been piled up for years and that nobody uses anymore. Maybe there are some unwanted gifts just perfect to hand-over to the Foundation? Or maybe you are remodeling your home or office? You can give selected items to one of our five charity shops (you don't need to make an appointment in advance) or contact us – we will try to collect them directly from you. It is also possible to arrange a shipment for people from outside of Warsaw. Of course, before going up for sale all items will be ozonised so that we can be sure that we are not threatened by viruses or other microorganisms. And one more thing: if you can help us transport donations from other people, we will be very grateful for contacting us!


Profit from the sales are transferred to Sue Ryder Foundation statutory activities, that is, above all, support for the elderly, sick and disabled. However, there are more benefits – the less wealthy customers can also benefit– thanks to Sue Ryder shops they have access to wonderful things at attractive prices.
 One should not forget about the donors themselves, because, as we know, emptying a closet is often like catching a cleansing breath of fresh air (and for a good cause to boot).
Additionally, the concept of charity shops fits perfectly with the idea of a circular economy. That is a closed-loop economy, where by reusing things the amount of waste is minimized and the use of new raw materials for subsequent production is limited. It is zero waste, the charity way!

You can do one more thing

The idea of the action sounds good? Do you feel like doing #kindheartedcleaning? Do you like this kind of help? Great! In such case, we would like to ask you to do one more little thing: show us how you go about #kindheartedcleaning. Take a photo or make a recording and tag Sue Ryder Foundation using the hashtag #kindheartedcleaning (#dobreporzadki). Let it roll!


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