In England for 70 years, in Poland for 28

Since the 1950s

Large-scale aid has always required funds. Sue Ryder knew this perfectly well – the foundations named after her operate today in 13 countries on 4 continents. A very important part of her activity were charity shops, this was the way she financed her undertakings to a great extent. In Great Britain alone there are 450 of them, and the first ones were established in the 1950s.
In 1991 it was already possible to register the Sue Ryder Foundation in our country. A year later the founder established the first Polish shop. It was located in Domy Centrum, on Widok Street. This is how the history of Polish charity shops began, which led the Foundation to set up six locations. And it is only the beginning! Our plans are ambitious, with a furniture shop at the forefront.

dobre sklepy

Our concept

People, tools, communication channels change, but the idea for the Sue Ryder Foundation charity shops is constant. And it is still brilliant in its simplicity. It is hard to imagine a simpler and more pleasant way of helping. First of all, you can pass on things that are unused. Secondly, you can buy something at a very attractive price. The money from the sale is transferred to support those in need, and it is also great for the environment, because things stay in circulation longer (they don't end up in the garbage and there is no need to produce so many new ones). Really brilliant.

More than a shop, more than a charity

More than a shop, more than a charity
When Sue Ryder opened her first shops in the British Isles in the 1950s, it soon turned out that apart from charity sales, other great things were happening there. It was about creating spaces where social relationships flourish. For people who are lonely and yearning for human contact, the charity shops were oases to socialise. This was not only about staying in the shop, but also, and perhaps most importantly, about volunteering. We also notice this in our shops. We know our donors, we appreciate and like them. We know that many of them feel the same way about us and are willing to engage in charity work. This is truly an added value.

Sue Ryder's shops

Come on in, bring donations and do some shopping – everything counts!

+48 509 773 223

Monday-Friday, 10 AM-6 PM
al. Zjednoczenia 1
01-829 Warszawa
+48 537 900 440

Monday-Friday, 10 AM-6 PM
ul. Stępińska 3
00-739 Warszawa
+48 532 292 472

Monday-Friday, 10 AM-6 PM
ul. Bagatela 15/lok. U2
00-585 Warszawa
+48 733 900 441

Śródmieście Arkadia
Monday-Saturday, 10 AM-10 PM
al. Jana Pawła II 82
00-175 Warszawa

Monday-Friday, 10 AM-6 PM
ul. Wolska 46/48/lok. U6
01-187 Warszawa
+48 882 606 944

Monday-Friday, 10 AM-6 PM
ul. Mickiewicza 18B
01-517 Warszawa
+48 794 900 440

Monday-Friday, 10 AM-6 PM
pl. Lotników 7

70-414 Szczecin
+48 797 052 946
(calls on weekdays from 9 AM to 4 PM)


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