You can truly hand-over a lot

Lots of things are needed, but not everything

Clothes (clean, not necessarily ironed), shoes, books, CDs, DVDs, vinyls, jewelry, ornaments, small household appliances, sport equipment, toys, board games and even furniture – all this is very welcome in our shops, for both adults and children. And this is only a small portion of a long list...

As a rule, we accept most things that are in good condition, which others will be able to use for a long time to come. So people bring in such items as skis, reel-to-reel tape recorders or a hand-woven ball gown straight from Switzerland. High quality donated items make us sell more and faster and bring customers back to us. There is nothing more valuable, even in charity sales. For nearly 30 years, thanks to the generosity of donors, we have been setting an incredible standard in the assortment sold in our shops, also in terms of rare and sought after items. We believe that this will continue.

Of course, there is also a list of items that we cannot accept for legal, safety and hygiene reasons. These are e.g.: weapons, stoves and gas cylinders, power tools without user manuals, fire-fighting equipment, bicycles in poor condition, baby strollers without proper warning labels, toys without CE marking, used duvets and pillows, underwear (unless unused and originally packed), glasses, medicine (including vitamins) or alcohols. If you are in doubt as to whether we can accept your donation, please call or write us.

Practical advice

Once this beautiful day comes and you get down to do your kind hearted cleaning, we will be grateful for following three rules. Things should be in good condition, undamaged and complete. Getting rid of donations that cannot be sold in any way costs a considerable amount of time and money (since we are a charity, we have to be very careful about finances). In the case of clothing, no ironing is required, we will do it on the spot. It would be great, however, if things were clean.


This is a solution for those who dream of joining the #kindheartedcleaning campaign on a larger scale. It is about organising a collection of items on your own, e.g. among friends, within a company, community centre, housing estate or neighbourhood. The elegant, easy to transport and assemble station-donation is our Foundation’s answer to further questions about this type of collection.

We will bring the station-donation, set it up, add posters and send you mailing materials. Then we will pick up the items at an agreed time, express our heartfelt gratitude for the generosity of the donors, and finally have done a lot of good!

Clothing companies

Clothing is the most important sales category at the Sue Ryder Foundation charity shops. Shirts, trousers, skirt suits, sweaters, jackets are simply indispensable. That is how it goes. For this reason, we often turn our gaze to clothing companies with great hopes and dream about the ends of lines. If you can help us to reach ``people who know people``, we will be very grateful to you. Not to mention the gratitude of people who need our help.


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